Art Deco Clocks on Display in Marquette


If you are seeking a little relief from outdoor summer activities, an alternative is available in the air-conditioned comfort of the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

“Electrifying Time” is an exhibit of Art Deco clocks on display in the Library’s Violet Johnson Gallery. From the collection of Bryant Varney, the exhibit features 88 clocks from the Art Deco era  (1928 – 1952) and cover a variety of uses.

Four American clock companies featured: Telechron (Ashland, MA), Westclox (Waterbury, CT), Hammond (Chicago, IL), and Lawson (Los Angeles, CA).

Varney is the Instructional Technology Support Coordinator at Northern Michigan University.  Outside of work, he is passionate about the first chapter of the modern era in which we reside.  What fascinates him most is how much of what we take for granted today had its roots during the early to mid part of the twentieth century.  Even computers, smart phones, and microwave ovens got their start back then.  His clock collecting began when he bought his first home, built in 1928, as he searched for era appropriate décor and became more fascinated with the great assortment of excellent vintage clocks available.

The exhibit is open for viewing during regular library hours and will be on display through September on the upper level of the library. For more information visit or call the library at 226-4318.