Election Filing Deadline for Independents

The August primary election is now just three weeks away.
If you wanted to run for the Marquette County Board of Commissioners as either a Democrat or Republican, you had to turn in your paperwork by May 15th.
But if you’re running as an independent, the deadline is 4 pm this Thursday.
County Commissioner Mike Quayle is running for re–election as an independent.
He says it’s unfortunate that many people forget America has more than a two–party system.
There’s an advantage to going independent.
Independents who gather enough petition signatures from constituents are automatically placed on the November general election ballot, rather than having to go through the August primary first.
But there’s a downside as well.
Independents need to gather more voter signatures than candidates with a major party affiliation.
This morning, Quayle turned in more than 70 verified signatures, and those were enough to get him onto the November ballot.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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