Acne treatment has amazing results

A medical condition that seems to affect everyone at some point: acne.
Beauty is said to be only skin deep, but the condition of that skin can have implications for the person looking at a face full of acne in the mirror.

For Rachel Griffin, it was tough to even look in the mirror, much less let anyone else look at her skin.

Therese Letts of Lakeshore Skincare in Marquette sees patients like Rachel almost daily. She says the key is to kill the bacteria that causes the break–out – and to keep the treatment affordable.

Most treatments start at less than $100 each, and most patients have fewer than eight treatments.

Topical and prescription treatments, light and laser therapy all worked a little for Rachel, but it was the facial peel that has made the major difference for her.

For more information on this particular process, visit Chemical Peels can be personalized to meet the needs of each client.

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