McDowell Raises $686K in Campaign Funds

Rudyard, MI – The race to represent the First Congressional is a major fundraising effort.

In a press release issued today, Democrat Gary McDowell reported banking $686,000 for his campaign to make Washington listen to the hard-working people of Northern Michigan. Earlier this month, Incumbent Republican Congressman Dan Benishek reported having collected $605,000.

McDowell’s fundraising success comes on the heels of recent polling that shows the race for Michigan’s 1st in a dead heat, with major news organizations ranking this race as a pure toss-up.

In the release, McDowell said, “I am honored by the outpouring of support for this campaign to fight for Michigan middle class families.” He continued, saying, “Grassroots supporters from Northern Michigan and across the state are sending a message that no one in Washington is paying attention to jobs and our economy, and it is time to send a regular working person and some common-sense to Washington.”

“No one in Washington is looking out for Northern Michigan. The Democrats aren’t serious about cutting the waste and the Republicans don’t care about regular people who work for a living. Congressman Benishek promised to protect Social Security and Medicare but one of the first votes he took was to end Medicare in order to give more tax breaks to the wealthy,” McDowell continued. “Congressman Benishek is part of the problem in Washington, and together we are building a campaign that can take on this Congress, solve problems, save Medicare and Social Security and create jobs.”

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