Marquette May Not Have Fireworks Next Year

If you missed out on fireworks last night, several communities will hold them tonight because of the storm.
Fireworks play a big part of any July 4th celebration, but for Marquette, there may not be any explosive entertainment next year.
The city’s annual fireworks celebration is in jeopardy of not happening in 2013.
Jorma Lankinen of the Marquette 4th of July Committee says the Rotary Club took over the display six years ago, and since then, the price of the display has gone up while the amount of money coming in through donations has gone down.
They raised a great deal of money the first three years, but he says many residents have become complacent since then.
The cost of the Marquette fireworks display is close to $30,000.
To provide fireworks for next year, the Rotary Club needs to make a down payment within the next three months to the company that puts on the fireworks display.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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