Bicycle Trail Accident at Presque Isle Park

A bicyclist is at Marquette General tonight after an accident at Marquette’s Presque Isle Park.
Marquette Fire and Rescue were called out just after 1 pm about a man on a bike who’d fallen off of a trail to the rocky shoreline below.
The man was found by passers-by who heard him calling for help.
Capt. Dan Lancour of the Marquette Fire Department says when the biker ducked to avoid a tree branch above the trail, his bike veered to the left and he fell about 15 feet to the shoreline.
He broke his left leg in several places and is in stable condition.
Officials say many of the hiking and biking trails around Presque Isle are very narrow and close to the edge of dangerous areas.
They urge extreme caution, especially near areas prone to erosion.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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