Tourism Tuesday: Tahquamenon Falls

Realizing and appreciating the natural beauty of Upper Michigan is the focus of our summer series of reports tonight.

As we bring you another installment of ‘Tourism Tuesday’, we head to Tahquamenon Falls.
It’s situated about an hour east of Sault Ste. Marie, north of Newberry along M–123.

The Tahquamenon Falls State Park is along the Tahquamenon River.
The upper falls is one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi.
It has a drop of nearly 50 feet and is more than 200 feet across.

A quarter mile paved pathway leads from the parking lot to the upper falls, with observation platforms along the way.
There is a 4 mile hiking trail along the river to the lower falls.
The amber color of the water is not rust nor is it muddiness.

It is caused by tannin leached from the cedar, spruce and hemlock in the swamps drained by the river.
Tahquamenon Falls is open year round, complete with an education center that focuses on the nature and wildlife in the area.

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