Western U.P. biz development gets new help

July 03, 2012—L’Anse, MI—Michigan State University Extension has Hired Paul J. Werner to work in economic development and entrepreneurship throughout the western half of the Upper Peninsula.

Werner’s home base is L’Anse, MI, at the Baraga County Courthouse. Werner has a primary responsibility of assisting entrepreneurs get started in business and to assist in launching new consumer products into the marketplace.

“The hearty folks of the Upper Peninsula are ingenious and have created solutions to solve their everyday problems. Some of the solutions could be the basis of a small, entrepreneurial business,” stated Werner. He will work closely with entrepreneurs to develop business plans, seek financing, assist with marketing, develop human resources plans, and to help get consumer products into the retail channels.

Werner is a graduate of Northern Michigan University, and has worked in large and small industries across the Midwest. He has experience in small business ownership, as well as management experience in fortune 500 companies. He states : “Marketing is my passion, and I’ve worked in various marketing capacities for many years. So many small businesses could better use their resources when it comes to marketing.”

If you are a small business owner, or you’re thinking about starting a business, you can use the resources provided to you by Michigan State University Extension. Werner will meet with you on an individual basis to assist in getting your product to market. “My job is to assist existing and new businesses get their products into the marketplace,” Werner said. He is available to meet with clients during the day, evenings, or weekends.

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