Update on Eric Dompierre's eligibility status

After a near 2-year battle with the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Ishpeming High School Senior to be Eric Dompierre is now one step closer to playing football and basketball for the Hematites.

Eric’s “Waiver Request Form” was mailed out today the MHSAAs Executive Committee. On August 8th, the committee will meet and decide whether or not to grant Eric’s waiver request.

Dompierre was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth, and until recently, he was not allowed to play sports his senior year, due to his age.

But back in May, a proposal was passed by 94 percent of the schools that participated in the proposal voting, to allow a waver request for an athlete that is over the age of 19 prior to September 1st to apply for a waiver, if he or she had a medical disability prior to the 9th grade.

We will keep an eye on Eric’s waiver situation, and we will share the news for you when we get it.

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