Kayaking Adventure Around Lake Superior

Mid–80s temperatures with a lake breeze sound like great weather conditions.
But for John Amren, they’re not.
He’s a native of Grand Portage, Minnesota spending his summer kayaking around the perimeter of Lake Superior.
John says this is his first attempt to circumnavigate the lake — he ran a kayaking business in Minnesota for 18 years that occupied his time — but he knows at least 10 people that have done it and has wanted to try it for years.
John paddled into Harvey Thursday night.
He was planning to leave today after one night of rest.
But because of the wind and water conditions, he’s spending an extra night with Harvey resident Frida Waara and her husband.
Frida shares john’s adventurous spirit — in 2010, she spent more than a month in Antarctica to shoot a documentary film.
Frida says she and her husband didn’t think twice about allowing John to have a shower, do a load of laundry, restock his supplies and spend a night in a bed instead of a sleeping bag on a beach.
John launched his journey in Minnesota back on May 9th.
At the pace he’s taking, he expects to return to Minnesota sometime in the second week of August.
But he hasn’t been alone for the last seven weeks.
For the entire Canadian leg of the journey, he was accompanied by two friends and former employees of his who are on their own kayaking adventure, taking them all the way to Key West, Florida.
If the wind and the surf die down, John should hit the water tomorrow to continue his journey west.
He’s still looking for other accommodations on his way around Lake Superior, too.
If you might be able to help him, John suggests emailing him at or calling his cell phone at (218) 370-0520.
Posted by: Mike Hoey

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