Fight Against Invasive Species

There’s a new weapon in the battle against invasive species in Lake Superior.
The Ranger III signature ship of the Isle Royale National Park is now equipped with advanced Ballast Treatment System.
Deep below the deck of these cruise passengers…is a high tech machine working hard to eliminate organisms from ballast waters taken in by the Ranger III.
Now for all you land–lubbers out there, here is how a ballast system works.

The Ranger III makes frequent trips to Isle Royale and back…and each voyage posed a risk to bring an invasive species—such as Zebra Mussels—into a new habitat.

But with this system that’s no longer a danger.
The special ceremony was held today at the Isle Royale National Park Headquarters in Houghton, where the public was treated to music, cake, and a free cruise on the Keweenaw Waterway.

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