Recovering from Substance Abuse

Recovering from a drug addiction is the focus of our next report.
For this series of reports we spoke with a woman we’re are calling ‘Jill.’
She was addicted to heroin and bath salts for over a year.

Many substance abuse addictions can stem from close personal experiences.
Jill says she grew up in a family where substance abuse was a common problem.

Jill said the breaking point in her life is when she realized her two young children needed her more than she needed drugs.
Now, she’s believes she has a future.

She has been receiving counseling and outpatient services for about a month now.
For many recovering addicts, reaching sobriety is the first crucial step in their recovery.

Tomorrow we will have another look at Jill’s story of recovering from a substance addiction…and where you, or a loved one can turn for help.

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