Alger County High-Speed Chase

An Au Train man is in jail tonight following a high-speed chase through Alger County early this morning.
Just before 4 am, the Alger County Sheriff’s department got a call about an unwanted intoxicated person in a home in the Wetmore area.
The resident of the house called to report waking up to find a person standing over them.
When police arrived, the man climbed into a pickup truck and took off at a high rate of speed.
After a short chase, the man got out of the truck and led the officers on a foot chase through the woods, where they were unsuccessful in apprehending the suspect.
A short time later, authorities received a 911 call that a vehicle had been stolen.
They used the suspect’s cell phone to pinpoint his location and discovered that he’d returned to his home.
He was arrested a short while later.
Charges are still pending, and the suspects name is being withheld until after he’s arraigned.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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