Water Filters for Haiti & Honduras

A Northern Michigan University professor wants to call attention in the U.P. to unsafe water conditions in Haiti and Honduras.
Dr. Mary Stunkard is involved through her church with a group called Randolph World Ministries.
The group is on a four–week mission trip right now to Haiti.
The missionaries deliver and set up water filters that are made in grand rapids.
Clean water for cooking, drinking or bathing is extremely scarce in much of Haiti.
The group also brings pamphlets written in Creole to help inform Haitians about the importance of clean water.
Dr. Stunkard says after the most recent cholera outbreak in Haiti last winter, the group has installed filters at several homes and also at several schools in northern Haiti.
The group also goes on a three–week mission trip to Honduras every December to bring filters there.
If you want to know more about what the missionary group does, or how to get involved, you can click here.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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