Peregrine Falcon tagging event at We Energies

We Energies held a special event on Saturday at the Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette.

The plant has a nesting box for Peregrine Falcons inside the facility on one of the smoke stacks. This nest has been open to the birds for the past eight years. But, this is only the second year in a row that adult peregrines have produced young inside the box.

We Energies Wildlife Expert, Greg Septon, banded two young birds Saturday. The chicks are tagged mainly for research purposes. Wildlife experts are able to more easily identify the birds by the numbers on their tags making it much easier to track them.

Families of employees who work at the plant were invited to attend the event. The children present decided upon the names of the birds, both of which were males. Felco and Superman were the winning names.

Most We Energies power plants have peregrine falcon nesting boxes. Many of which have hourly videos of the birds inside the box. Check out for more information.

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Posted by: Jordan Kelly

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