Juvenile Petitioned for Bomb Threat at Menominee High School

A bomb threat was discovered at Menominee High School on May 1st.
Following an investigation by the Menominee County Juvenile Crime Investigator, School Resource Officer Corporal Brian Helfert and the Menominee Police Department, charges have been brought against a 15-year old female student of Menominee High School.

The Petition specifies (1) count of making a false report or threat of a bomb or harmful device. This crime is a felony of up to 4 years in prison and/or $2,000.00 plus costs to government for responding to a false report. The students can also face suspension and/or expulsion from the school district in addition to criminal charges.

Sheriff Kenny Marks said, “I would like to recognize the cooperation of the students during evacuation and the cooperation of students and staff in bringing this matter to closure. Bomb threats at our schools will not be tolerated!”

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