Houghton Co. master plan ready for review

The end of a long controversy in Houghton County appears to be coming to an end.  

The Houghton County Master Plan is complete and available for the public to review.
The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the draft plan at 4pm June 19 at the County Courthouse.
County officials stated in a press release that master plans are authorized by state law…which recommends review and updating the plans every five years.
The Planning Commission began its review and revision of the county’s land use plan last year.
Through much of 2011, commission members met with township officials and requested comments from more that 130 community stakeholders.
Six public meetings have been held this spring and the public comment period was extended by three months.
Officials say the “extensive process of community involvement” put in place by the Planning Commission will be complete with the next public hearing on the 19th.
The draft of the Master Use Plan is available to view and download at www.HoughtonCounty.net.

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