Red Cross Volunteers

It takes more than firemen to fight a major fire. Over 200 individuals are directly fighting the wildfires, started a week ago, in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
These individuals represent Community Fire Fighters, DNR officers, fire engine and bulldozer Operators; the US Forest Helicopter Service; the National Guard Aviation Unit and Ground Support; and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Hand Crew.

In addition to the 200 individuals directly fighting the wildfires, the Salvation Army, local community groups and the American Red Cross are giving support. The American Red Cross has deployed 2 staff and 22 volunteers from Michigan and Illinois to serve fire victims. A Red Cross ‘high tech communication vehicle’ was sent by Chicago and two ‘mobile support vehicles’ came from Flint and Lansing. A Red Cross shelter is open at the American Legion located at 7964 State Highway M123, Newberry, MI 9868 for those displaced by the fire.

Red Cross nurses and counselors are available at the shelter for all affected – victims and responders alike. As soon as access to the fire area is permitted, volunteer teams will be out with clean up supplies, safety information and other support services.
Anyone interested in volunteering with the Red Cross for this or future disasters can sign up at the American Legion in Newberry and attend orientation sessions, scheduled there as needed, to increase the number of local trained volunteers. For more information, call Jeff at the American Legion (906) 293-8711 or email

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