MHSAA Approves Wavier Language

The hurdles have been handled: and the path is pretty clear for Ishpeming’s Eric Dompierre.

It was a 94% approval by member ‘Michigan high school athletic association’ schools to allow for waivers of the association’s age limit under certain circumstances.

This means the 19 year old upper Michigan teen can now request to play sports in his senior year at Ishpeming High School.

When we talked to Eric’s dad this afternoon, he was beaming…with an ear to ear smile.

It’s been a two and a half year battle to get the MHSAA to amend it’s constitution.

The family is very appreciative of the local, regional and even international support.

In a vote of schools conducted this month, 701 of 1,535 member schools cast legal ballots.

That means the association’s age rule, under which a student who turns 19 prior to September 1 of a school year is ineligible for interscholastic athletics, may now be waived by the MHSAA executive committee.

And, that means the Dompierre’s can now apply for a waiver!