Marquette Utility Billing Issue

The city of Marquette’s utility billing schedule should be back to normal tonight after the most recent round of bills was delayed.

Utility bills that were scheduled to be mailed out on May 18th have been delayed by a technical problem with the billing system.

City staff, and the maker of the city’s billing software, have been working on it.

City chief finance officer Gary Simpson says they both believe they’ve fixed it, and he apologizes for the delay.

He says the city, and the company that makes the city’s billing software, both had people working on the problem over the Memorial Day weekend.

He also says you have two options in light of this problem.

One of them is waiting until you actually receive the bill to send your next payment.

The other would be to send a payment based on your last bill.

Any late fees that customers rack up because of the late billing will be waived.

Posted by: Mike Hoey