Pioneer Surgical CEO Invited to Washington

Daniel Webber, CEO of Pioneer Surgical Technology, a global medical device company headquartered in Marquette, travels to Washington, D.C. Wednesday to address a bio-manufacturing roundtable comprised of U.S. Senators, bioscience industry leaders and CEOs, and Congressional staff.

Webber is one of four CEOs from across the nation invited to speak about the challenges and opportunities faced by bioscience businesses and what can be done at the federal level to create a better environment for entrepreneurship and growth.

He will share his concerns with regard to the medical device tax, the FDA approval process, and device reimbursement issues, among other topics.

“Our business continues to face the challenge of balancing the economic resources available for growth in a highly volatile pricing environment where selling prices are generally declining, while the cost of innovation has increased exponentially,” Mr. Webber said in a statement prepared for MichBio, the Michigan-based bioscience company facilitating the roundtable discussion with U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (MI).