Houghton Co. Business: Making it, after a rough road

The economy has forced many small businesses to close but ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Reporter Rick Allen uncovered the story of one business owner who refused to close his doors.

Drivers are used to seeing the owner of The Office Shop in Calumet waving at them on their way to work—sometimes in a tuxedo or a cowboy outfit.

Ron Rea wants people to know he is still around though his shop has moved.

Earlier this year…the bank shut down his old location on 5th Street—even after Ron worked the business for free for two years to avoid losing it.

Then he was given 10 days to close down…Ron asked for 30.

Everything was moved to the new building on Scott Street where The Office Shop got a new lease on life…literally.

And local shoppers say they will continue to support the ‘little shop that could.’