GOP National Convention Delegates

The U.P. and the northern Lower Peninsula are sending some new blood to the national political stage.

Michigan’s Republican state convention took place in Detroit last Friday and Saturday.

Every Congressional district in the country has to elect its own delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Michigan Republicans elected their delegates as part of the state convention.

Pete Mackin of Chocolay Township will be an alternate delegate from Michigan’s 1st District.

He says that as a constitutional conservative, he doesn’t want to lose local services, but he believes they can be done more efficiently and less expensively.

Mackin says he’s pleased that the state party now has people in place that intend to go in that direction.

The top four vote-getters from the Michigan 1st District to go to Tampa, Florida in August are all military veterans, Mackin included.


Matthew Schoech — Grand Traverse County

Alan Arcand — Iron County

Brian Sommerfield — Emmet County

Alternate delegates:

Pete Mackin — Chocolay Township

Dr. Carol Kolinsky — Delta Coounty

Denise Pallarito — Ostego County

At-large: Judy Schwalbach — Delta County

Posted by: Mike Hoey