WI Man Shot During Marquette Break-In

The Marquette City Police are looking into an incident this morning where a homeowner apparently shot a man who was trying to break into his home.

It happened shortly after 5 am at the Birchgrove Trailer Park on Pioneer Road.

When police arrived, they learned 24-year-old Jesse Paul Homa of Sayner, Wisconsin had returned to the scene after officers moved him from the area 15 minutes earlier.

Police say Homa pounded on the door of a residence, yelling for a woman.

The homeowner yelled at Homa to leave, saying that he lived alone.

Home then went outside the entrance, and police say he started damaging vehicles that were parked in the yard.

Homa came to the front door again and started pounding on the door a second time.

The homeowner again told Homa to leave.

Home then left the front door and started damaging the vehicles in the yard again.

Police say he then went to the trailer’s side door and kicked it down.

The owner called 911 and yelled a third time for Home to leave.

But police say Homa didn’t leave, and when he entered the trailer, the homeowner shot at him three times with a .22-caliber handgun.

Homa fled, and officers found him a short time later.

The Marquette Police say the homeowner aimed at Home’s lower body and hit him twice in the legs.

Homa was treated at Marquette General and released.

He’s being held in the Marquette County Jail on three charges: second-degree home invasion, malicious destruction of property and drunk and disorderly conduct.

Posted by: Mike Hoey