Local Defense Attorney Writes Book

From the courtroom, to the book store Upper Michigan defense attorney Tom Casselman has just released his first book.

From your childhood, you may remember stories that started out with ‘once upon a time.”

That simple starting point is the way attorney Tom Casselman directed many juries to understand the events that led to charges against his clients.

And, now, some of those stories have been put together into a book titled, “I Talk, You Walk.”

‘Fictionalized’ telling of actual cases Casselman handled over the past four decades.

Those cases span the U.P..

In the book, Casselman’s trusty sidekick is private detective Rhonda Goodwin.

That’s also reality. But, Rhonda is also married to Casselman.

Her character in the book and her real life role has provided illuminating insight for surprising outcomes.

Casselman will hold book signings in Marquette this weekend.

And, the book and some of the cases featured in it will be the focus of our Sunday noon program, In Focus, in early June.