Public Response to Emergencies

If an emergency situation does take place, how should the general public respond?

If the incident takes place at a school or another similar gathering location, the natural inclination for many of us would be to go there as soon as possible.

But first responders say that may be the worst thing that you can do.

Marquette City Fire Chief Tom Belt says emergency responders need to have space to do their jobs.

Staying away from the emergency situation, but close to the scene, may not be enough.

If hazards like radiation are involved, the public may have to give the scene a wide berth.

Chief Belt says evacuations of an entire neighborhood aren’t unheard of, even in Marquette, if a situation is critical enough.

He also says that besides the news media, the Nixle notification system is another thing Marquette city residents can turn to for emergency information.

If you want to sign up for that free service, you can do it here.