NMU Disaster Training

At 9 am, Northern Michigan University’s West Science Building was rocked by an explosion.

Radiation exposure accompanied the blast.

But the entire experience was an elaborate training exercise.

NMU Public Safety Director Mike Bath says the purpose is to test how local police, fire, EMS and other personnel would respond to an actual emergency.

The response also includes volunteer groups like the Superior U.P. Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Emergency services program manager Jeff Selesky says the group had to make sure the mock victims could remain in touch with their families and assist EMS personnel with treatment.

There were nearly 20 mock victims, but not all of them could be driven away in an ambulance.

Participant William Hamilton says he was standing near the scene of the mock explosion, and in the simulation his legs were amputated below the knee.

Then, during the triage, he was declared dead.

The mock explosion will help the university, the city and Marquette County evaluate their action plans for an emergency situation that isn’t a drill.

Posted by: Mike Hoey