MAPS Budget Cuts Raise Concerns

There was standing room only at the Marquette Area Public School Board meeting tonight. The school’s budget continue to be a concern for many students, parents, faculty, and staff members.

MAPS has to cut over 2.4 million dollars from their budget before the next school year. After the initial budget reduction plan, the school is still $300,000 short. With that comes more reductions, including 8.8 teachers for the 2012–2013 school year.

The biggest concern tonight was that the board may be cutting music, band, and choir at Marquette Senior High School. Which means, teachers will work half their hours, with no concerts or musicals. Many students spoke against this idea because of the impact the arts have had on them.

Some of the MAPS staff members effected by the budget cuts were notified this afternoon. The rest of them will be notified on Tuesday.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly