Elevated Wildfire Risk

Many of us have been looking forward to the kind of weather conditions we enjoyed today.

But this dry warm weather is about the last thing the wooded areas of Upper Michigan need right now.

The national weather service has released a statement saying the entire U.P. is at an elevated risk of wildfires.

DNR fire incident command duty officer Celeste Chingwa says the central U.P. is supposed to receive rain overnight, but it’s only estimated to be a tenth of an inch, not enough to lower the risk.

A campfire is believed to have touched off last night’s blaze in Sands Township.

At the scene, fire crews found evidence of a camp site and what appeared to be fuel cans.

But disposal of yard waste through methods like composting, rather than burning, is still the easiest way to avoid wildfires.

Chingwa says debris burning is by far the most common source they see of wildfires, so they try to discourage people from burning whenever possible.

The DNR also says there are other simple steps you can take near your home.

They suggest cleaning your gutters regularly, making sure to not have wood piled up against your home and also using fire-resistant bushes and shrubs if you like to use them in landscaping.

Posted by: Mike Hoey