NMU President Steps Down

Northern Michigan University has a change in leadership underway.

President Dr. Les Wong says he’s leaving the university after eight years to take the president’s job at San Francisco State University.

Under his leadership, NMU continued its high–tech advancements, becoming the first university in the country to operate its own WiMAX network.

Wong says that as he and his wife Phyllis prepare to move to California, he hopes NMU students remember his passion for them and their endeavors, from academics to sporting events to musical performances and beyond.

Wong also says he’s leaving Northern in very capable hands — those of David Haynes.

Haynes has worked for NMU in varying capacities since 1985 and has served as an adviser to five different presidents in that time.

Haynes was a special adviser to Dr. Wong on public policy.

Wong says Haynes is also an NMU alum who understands the campus, and he would ask Haynes to continue to honor students by being present for whatever they do.

Haynes says he wants to continue NMU’s involvement with the U.P. community beyond the campus, and he says he wants to keep NMU a good place for faculty and staff to work.

Haynes’ tenure as president begins next Monday and he’s been appointed to the post for at least two years.

Posted by: Mike Hoey