Ishpeming City Council Recalls Fail

Many election issues went down to defeat across the U.P. Tuesday, but some defeated measures are good news for some people.

The Ishpeming City Council members facing potential recalls will all keep their jobs.

Voters rejected each recall question by about a 3–to–2 margin at the ballot box.

The recalls targeted City Council members Elaine Racine, Claudia Demarest and Mike Tall.

The three were being greeted by well–wishers on the phone throughout the day today.

Racine says she received fifteen such calls this morning, including congratulatory calls from mayors of other U.P. communities.

Supporters of former Ishpeming Police Chief Jim Bjorne filed the petitions last October.

After having the recall hanging over her head for seven months, Demarest says she’s glad to get back to other city business like the possibility of a new fire hall and the joint wastewater project with Negaunee.

Supporters of the recall say they want that as well.

Bob Clark of the Ishpeming Citizens for Bjorne Justice committee says in a written statement, “The voters of Ishpeming have spoken and we accept the results.

While not reaching our goal, we still wish to thank all those who signed recall petitions and everyone who helped this election become a reality.

If nothing else, we believe that greater attention by city voters will now be focused on city operations and the pressing issues at hand.”

Posted by: Mike Hoey