MSHAA: waiver issue up for vote

In a press release to the media, Dean Dompierre, founder of Let ‘Em Play and the father of Eric Dompierre, issued the following statement in response to the decision that the Representative Council of the Michigan High School Athletic Association issued today that it would advance a proposal for a vote by member schools that proposes a change to the organization’s Constitution to allow for a waiver of its maximum age limitation under narrowly defined circumstances.

“Eric and I, along with over 90,000 people who have supported his cause, were excited to hear the news this afternoon that the MHSAA has decided to put a proposal before its member schools for a vote that will apparently provide for a specific and limited exception to Michigan’s age eligibility rule. And, while we remain anxious to see the specifics of the proposal, we are hopeful that it will be fair to Eric and the students he represents, while at the same time ensuring that the integrity of high school sports remains strong. “

“While this decision is just the first step forward to ensure equity for students with disabilities, there is significant work yet to be done. In fact, we remain ready to partner with the Association in any way needed to ensure that a proposal that benefits ALL students in Eric’s position passes, and as a result ask our grassroots activists to stay engaged. With their assistance, and with the leadership of MHSAA, I am confident that this rule change will be in place to save the upcoming season for Eric and his peers.”

“Finally, Eric and I want to offer our sincerest thanks to those who have supported this cause, and whose effort that has been so instrumental in getting us to this point. Additionally, we want to thank Mr. Roberts, Mr. Rashid and the Representative Council for taking this initial step, as it is a critical step forward to make Michigan the 24th state with a fair, sensible and compassionate policy that balances the integrity of high school athletics with the special needs of students like Eric.”

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