Biz Assistance Group gets $20K Grant

Even a second place finish is a win for local non-profit organization. Northern Initiatives is the turn-to business incubator for small Upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin as well as northern lower Michigan businesses.

In the Starbucks’ Vote.Give.Grow. Program, Northern Initiatives made second place finish to win a grant worth $20,000.

It was a closely contested competition all month long. In first place for the first two weeks, Northern Initiatives dropped into third place after the third week of voting. But in the final week, the community rallied again and with their strong support, Northern Initiatives ended the contest with a satisfying second place finish.

Northern Initiatives’ president, Dennis West, was extremely pleased with the final results. Citing the obvious disadvantage of rural Michigan’s limited Starbucks population, Mr. West stated that “It was gratifying to receive so much community support. I was overwhelmed with the response of those who voted and participated in this program.”

The entire Northern Initiatives staff would like to thank the community and everyone who participated in the Starbucks Vote.Give.Grow. Program.

Northern Initiatives is located in Marquette, MI on the campus of Northern Michigan University. Visit the website