Dompierres Testify at State Senate

A U.P. family took on a Michigan Senate committee today.

The Dompierre family of Ishpeming testified before the Michigan Senate Education Committee today in support of Senate Resolution 145.

The measure proposes that the Michigan High School Athletic Association replace its policy on age eligibility that prohibits certain student-athletes from participating in their senior year of high school sports.

The Dompierres’ son, Eric, is 19 and has Down syndrome.

His parents say he should be allowed a waiver.

He’ll be a senior at Ishpeming High School next year.

Eric testified that sports have influenced his friendships, his work and his life, and he said he won’t have those things going for him in the same way if he can’t play sports with his friends again.

SR 145 was sponsored by State Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba.

When we spoke with Casperson late this afternoon, he said the measure passed unanimously in the Education Committee and will be before the full Senate as early as tomorrow.

Posted by: Mike Hoey