Air Travel Poll has Interesting Findings

TripAdvisor conducted a survey of more than 1,000 American travelers regarding their air travel habits and preferences.  The results:


•             91% said they plan to fly domestically in 2012, compared to 84% that did last year

•             45% are concerned that rising gas prices will cause air fares to increase

•             43% consider airplanes to be the most germ-laden travel location, more so than hotel rooms and public transportation

•             The 3 most popular months for air travel this year are May, October, and September

•             58% question whether shutting off electronic devices during takeoff and landing is really necessary

•             41% believe that more legroom is the biggest improvement airlines can make, with 30% citing more comfortable seating.     However, 71% aren’t willing to pay for extra legroom on domestic flights less than four hours long.

•             Of the 20% of fliers who order an alcoholic drink on-board, 42% favor wine.

•             33% would not choose to sit next to the President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, or Newt Gingrich, if given the opportunity