NMU Unions Rally

Unionized workers at Northern Michigan University showed the campus this afternoon that they’re standing together during a time of collective bargaining.

The five labor unions that represent NMU employees held a joint rally.

They wanted to inform the campus of what they’re up to.

They also wanted to garner support as some of them, like the faculty union, engage in contract talks with the administration.

Dr. Ron Sundell, president of the NMU chapter of AAUP, says NMU President Dr. Les Wong recently said at a university Academic Senate meeting that the financial crisis is over.

He says if that’s true, it’s time that the union and the administration come to some sort of agreement at the bargaining table.

United Auto Workers Local 1950 represents NMU secretaries and clerical employees.

They’re the lowest–paid unionized workers on campus, and they know they have a difficult task ahead.

UAW Local 1950 president Michelle Kimball says she’s aware that with the economy still weak, it’s not a good time to engender public support.

However, she says she hopes business owners keep in mind that if middle-class people’s wages are stagnant or shrinking, they have less money to spend in local businesses.

UAW Local 1950 and the local chapter of AAUP are both in contract talks right now.

The UAW 1950 has gone without a new contract since last July.

The AAUP’s contract expires at the end of June.

Posted by: Mike Hoey