SHARE Program Folding

An inexpensive way of buying food in bulk is disappearing from the u–p soon.

Organizers are asking customers to get their orders in while they still can.

SHARE is nonprofit and is run by volunteers.

It offers high–quality food items that you can order once a month.

However, the group is in the process of disbanding nationally.

Maureen LaWent, Ishpeming coordinator for SHARE, says the program has already folded in many areas of the country.

The Wisconsin program, which the SHARE sites in the U.P. are part of, is winding down in May.

Orders for the month of May have to be in by the end of next week.

LaWent says some SHARE customers may have problems stretching a dollar without the group’s presence.

SHARE Wisconsin has 16 food drop–off sites in the U.P.

Nationally, the group had a presence in 48 U.S. states.

Posted by: Mike Hoey