Possible American Airlines-U.S. Airways Merger

The early stages of a merger may be in the works between American Airlines and U.S. Airways.

But it’s too soon to tell what effect the merger may have on Sawyer International Airport.

U.S. Airways has reached a deal with employee unions at American Airlines to win their support.

If the two airlines merge, U.S. Airways says it would save nearly half of the 13,000 jobs that American wants to eliminate during its bankruptcy.

Sawyer Airport manager Keith Kaspari says he’s hopeful American will continue to serve Marquette County after it emerges from bankruptcy, whether it merges with U.S. Airways or not.

American filed for bankruptcy protection in November.

For any merger to be reached, U.S. Airways would have to win the support of American’s creditors, its management and its board of directors.

That could take a year or more.

Posted by: Mike Hoey