Tax Day Protest in Marquette

As the last minute rush to get 2011 income taxes in the mail kicks into high gear, last minute plans are coming together for a Tax Day rally and march in Marquette in support of the Buffett Rule.

It is to take place at the U.S. Post Office at the corner of W. Washington and Third Streets today at 1 p.m.

It’s a movement by a group demanding that “the 1% pay their fair share.” According to a press release from, the protests are part of the growing wave of voter discontent against the rich, big corporations and politicians who have created an economic emergency for the 99%.

Organizers are staging a march from the main post office on Washington St to the office of Congressman Dan Benishek on Front Street. They say they are looking for Benishek’s support in “asking the richest Americans and corporations to pay their fair share in taxes.”

The protesters are calling on Rep. Benishek to support the Buffett Rule (H.R.3909, S.2230; The Paying a Fair Share Act), which stops millionaires from paying lower taxes than working people, and to close corporate tax loopholes. They are highlighting their representative’s position on the Buffett Bill and whether they stand with the 99% or the 1%.