State Police Warn of New Scam

Troopers from the Michigan State Police Negaunee Post,

Are cautioning residents of a new scam hitting the area.

Police were contacted by a local resident who had been a target of a “Green Dot Money Pak” scam.

The subject reported receiving a phone a call from a foreign-sounding person who identified themselves as being a part of a publisher group.

The caller then promised the potential victim a large sum of money and a vehicle if they purchased a Green Dot Money Pak card.

The Green Dot Money Pak card is a legitimate re-loadable debit card.

In this scam, the person committing the fraud will deliver a check or money order to the victim in exchange for information from a legitimate card the victim already has purchased.

The scammer can then reload the card and steal the victim’s money using the information on it, while the check sent is a fake.

Troopers are reminding the public to be cautious of these types of scams and never agree to a deal that sounds to good to be true.

Contact your local police agency if you are the target, or victim, of a similar scam.