First-Ever U.P. Youth Bereavement Camp

A first–ever summer camp for a special group of U.P. kids is looking for campers for 2012.

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Bereavement Network is sponsoring a weekend–long camp.

Camp STAR is for kids age 8 through 16 who’ve experienced the death of a parent, friend or loved one.

It’ll be held at Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay.

Sarah Harnett, the secretary with Camp STAR’s Board of Directors, says the camp will be a great deal like any other summer camp, with many high-energy activities, but it’ll also have therapeutic activities to give kids a chance to learn positive coping skills.

A Marquette woman, Renee Bohn, lost her husband when she and her kids lived in San Diego.

She found many grief services in California, but not many in Marquette until someone told her about Camp STAR, and she’s thrilled for her son about it.

Bohn says kids who’ve experienced a major loss need to communicate with other kids and not feel embarrassed about their experience.

Camp STAR will take place on August 10th through the 12th.

If you want more information, you can visit the camp’s homepage or Facebook page.

Posted by: Mike Hoey