Planned Burn in Baraga Plains Today

The Ottawa National Forest is planning a prescribed burn in the Baraga Plains area Thursday, with the objectives of maintaining and restoring the native Baraga Plains sand barrens habitat. 

Approximately 90 acres of light fuels (mostly grass) will be burned.

Local area residents and Forest visitors may see some smoke on the first day, which could linger and drift in the area. 

Firefighters with firefighting vehicles and equipment will be working in the area until the burn is declared out. 

A prescribed burn plan has been developed that contains sufficient control measures to ensure firefighter and public safety. 

Firefighters will monitor the fire and conditions that affect it until the fire is completely out. 

Please be aware that Law Enforcement Officers will be posting signs and patrolling roads in and around the area. 

At this time, it is not anticipated that any roads will be closed.