Gas Prices Fall Overnight

Fuel prices are still higher that almost all of us would want to see.

But drivers needing to fill up today found a welcome surprise at the pumps — prices fell overnight in many locations.

Three gas stations we visited in Ishpeming this afternoon had prices under the $4 mark with more than a dime to spare.

Albert Spalding, a customer from Ishpeming, was trying to take as much advantage of the situation as he could.

He filled up not just his car, but a gas can to take home.

Spalding says the price at the pump is still painful, though, and he’s hoping it won’t rise much next month as we enter the summer travel season on Memorial Day weekend.

The price he paid — $3.86 per gallon — is actually below the national average.

AAA’s national Daily Fuel Gauge report had a price of $3.91 this afternoon.

Posted by: Mike Hoey