Lottery winnings bills among legislation signed by governor

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder today signed a number of bills, including legislation ensuring that lottery winnings and other assets are taken into account when determining public aid eligibility.

“We must lend a hand to our most vulnerable citizens but we also must protect taxpayers by ensuring that state assistance goes to those who truly are in need,” Snyder said. “Significant lottery winnings and other assets should be taken into account when determining eligibility for taxpayer-funded assistance.”

Senate Bill 711, sponsored by state Sen. John Moolenaar, requires the Lottery Bureau to provide to the Department of Human Services (DHS) within seven days the names of recipients and the amount of their winnings for prizes more than $1,000.

S.B. 712, sponsored by state Sen. Michael Green, requires DHS to include lottery and gambling winnings when determining eligibility for the Family Independence Program (FIP) and Food Assistance Program (FAP). This change mirrors current policy implemented by Director Maura Corrigan in October 2011.

House Bill 5033, sponsored by state Rep. Dave Agema, requires DHS to apply an asset test when determining eligibility for FIP and FAP. This bill also codifies policy put into place in October 2011 to ensure assistance focuses on Michigan’s neediest citizens.

The bills now are P.A.s 77, 78 and 79, respectively.

Snyder also signed nine other bills:

S.B. 35, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Nofs, allows people to haul trailers behind recreational vehicles as well as allows for lowboy semitrailers of a particular length without a special use permit. It now is P.A. 80.

S.B. 412, sponsored by state Sen. Darwin Booher, expands the allowable uses by the Department of Natural Resources of revenue from wild turkey hunting licenses. It now is P.A. 81.

S.B. 874, sponsored by state Sen. Tory Rocca, requires the revocation of an off-premise liquor license if the licensee commits three separate violations of selling alcohol to minors within a rolling 12-month period rather than a calendar year. It now is P.A. 82.

H.B. 4552, sponsored by state Rep. Kenneth Kurtz, provides that the state will pay the workers compensation costs for volunteers on the Michigan Volunteer Registry who are injured while assisting during a state of emergency. It now is P.A. 83.

H.B. 4601, sponsored by state Rep. Joe Haveman, establishes a limitation on asbestos-related liability for companies that assumed the liability with a merger or consolidation with another company. It now is P.A. 84.

H.B. 4689, sponsored by state Rep. Kurt Heise, authorizes the State Administrative Board to convey the state-owned Scott Correctional Facility in Wayne County, which closed in May 2009. The property first will be offered to local units of government. The bill now is P.A. 85.

A three-bill package modifies state statute to keep acts regarding commercial transactions uniform with other states. It includes H.B.s 5081-83, sponsored by state Reps. Matt Huuki, Kevin Cotter and Ellen Cogen Lipton, respectively. They now are P.A.s 86, 87, and 88.

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