Esky Native Appears on "Jeopardy!"

You can catch “Jeopardy!” on ABC 10 every weeknight.

But there’s an especially good reason to watch tonight’s show.

An Escanaba native now living in Portland, Oregon, testing her knowledge on America’s favorite quiz show.

Who is Lindsay Reese?

She’d tried to get onto “Jeopardy!” since the year 2000, when she auditioned for the Teen Tournament, and she finally made it into the taping schedule in December.

Her show airs tonight.

Although a “Jeopardy!” taping day can feel like a long ordeal, the actual game that she played was pretty much a blur.

Lindsay says it felt much shorter than 30 minutes.

The producers of “Jeopardy!” don’t allow us to divulge how Lindsay did.

You’ll just have to watch the show at 7 Eastern time to find out.

Posted by: Mike Hoey