Bootjack Road Case Update

A former Lake Linden teen will return to face felony charges in Minnesota before his case against him in Houghton County moves forward.

18-year-old Jakob Hill was arrested in October in Minnesota along with another suspect. Police say Hill was involved in at least 20 burglaries in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan—including a number of break-in’s along Bootjack Road in the Copper Country.

Stolen items recovered included sporting equipment, electronics, and firearms.

Hill is charged with three counts of second-degree home invasion…each 15-year felonies…and one count of receiving and concealing stolen firearms which is a 10-year felony.

Prosecutor Michael Makinen requested that a final pretrial for Hill be scheduled for late summer.

In the meantime, Hill is due in court in two different counties in Minnesota. One on May 2nd and the other on May 3rd for more charges in that state.