Decolonizing Diet Project

A Northern Michigan University professor is heading up a year-long research project.

It takes meal planning back up the family tree and even includes making tea from pine bark.

Students, faculty and community members recently met for a rather unusual potluck dinner.

This was the first official gathering of the participants of the Decolonizing Diet Project, which began on March 25th.

NMU Native American studies professor Dr. Martin Reinhardt says 25 students, faculty and community members will be involved in the study of indigenous foods and the potential health benefits of them.

Very few studies have ever been done about them.

The Decolonizing Diet Project will provide data in multiple areas of research.

The project organizers hope the study will show the importance of renewing our connection with the world around us and to promote sustainable living.

You can learn more about it here.

Posted by: Mike Hoey