Big Louie Monument Fundraising

He was more than eight feet tall.

He weighed over 400 pounds.

He wore size 19 shoes.

Big Louie Moilanen was known as the Copper Country Giant and as beloved as the memory of this local legend is, there’s almost nothing in the area to honor him.

Hancock Township resident Dana Richter is leading the charge to change that.

Richter has partnered with the Houghton County Historical Society to raise money for a monument dedicated to Big Louie.

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Big Louie’s passing, and the group would like to have an eight-foot polished granite stone with an engraved plaque in time for Hancock’s sesquicentennial celebration.

The cost of the monument is roughly $5,000.

To kick–off the fundraising effort, a citizen’s meeting was held to rally the public.

To make this happen, someone is needed with heart as big as Big Louie himself.

Posted by: Mike Hoey