U.P. agency wants help in Starbucks contest

Northern Initiatives, a business incubator with offices on the campus of Northern Michigan University, has been selected to compete in Starbucks’ Vote.Give.Grow. Program. The online, customer directed grant competition positions Northern Initiatives to receive up to $35,000 in grant funds from the Starbucks Foundation. The competition lasts for the month of April only.

Voting began April 1st with Northern Initiatives as one of four non-profit organizations competing in the state of Michigan. “We are delighted to be hovering at around the forty percentile of votes in the Starbucks Community Card Vote.Give.Grow. Program this week. We are grateful for the strong show of community support and really hope to maintain the lead throughout the competition.” said Northern Initiatives director Dennis West. “Funding will primarily support Northern Michigan University student employees who provide support for our Business Advancement Center.”

Through the first week of voting, Northern Initiatives has the lead with 36% of the votes in its region and is depending on continued community participation to help them win first place. Voting will proceed throughout the month of April where Starbucks Card holders who have registered their card in the Vote.Give.Grow. Program will be able to vote once per week until the end of the month.

To vote for Northern Initiatives to win first place in Michigan and $35,000 in the Starbucks Vote.Give.Grow. Program, go towww.votegivegrow.com and follow the instructions to turn your Starbucks Card into a Community Card. If you don’t have a Starbucks Card, you can get one on the site to participate. Vote for Northern Initiatives.