New Brand Name for Mqt. County Tourism

The organization promoting tourism in Marquette County has gone by its current brand name for 20 years.

But the group now says that’s long enough.

The Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau has come out with a new brand name.

After two decades of “Marquette Country”, the group decided last fall that it was time to change the name to go along with changes that have taken place in the county.

Executive director Pat Black says it’s “What’s Your Human Nature? Find It Here”, and the name comes from a good feeling inside that she, hoteliers and restaurant owners learned the central U.P. gives many visitors when they arrive here.

Ads with the new brand name will be placed throughout the Midwest in places like Major League Baseball team yearbooks for the Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox.

Posted by: Mike Hoey